Elfi-Tech has developed innovative non-invasive optical technology based on DLS (Dynamic Light Scattering). Using this novel technique, the device can continuously and non-invasively measure skin blood flow, blood velocity, coagulation and vascular ageing in addition to already existing parameters like pulse and motion.

The mDLS sensor is easily deployed, simple to operate and robust. Its raw signals translate into novel indices of cardiovascular risks: endothelial function, global coagulation status of the blood, a measurement of Red Blood Cells (RBCs) aggregation rate, and fibrinogen concentration in blood.

In addition, by analyzing the high-resolution blood pulse wave, the sensor can continuously and non-invasively measure a set of physiological parameters such as respiratory rate, systolic blood pressure trends, cardiac contractility, cardiac valve dysfunction and Traube-Hering-Mayer oscillations.

Utilizing this information, the platform can detect heart perturbations related to Cardiac, Vascular, Respiratory and Neurological pathologies.

Sensor Characteristics

The breakthrough Elfi mDLS™ sensor is combined with advanced algorithms to interpret data and provide accurate monitoring of physiological parameters. Here are some of its unique characteristics.
Elfi-Tech sensor next to a US dime, showing miniaturized size The sensor is miniaturized to 8 millimeter diameter (the size of a US dime), allowing for integration into any wearable device, such as a standard wristwatch.
Elfi-Tech has developed innovative mechanisms to secure continuous and accurate physiological measurements, with minimal environmental sensitivity, so the sensor can operate accurately at various locations on the body.
Despite its miniaturized size, the Elfi mDLS™ sensor is significantly small and can therefore be integrated into various form factors. It is especially suitable for use in wristwatches or smart phones for remote health monitoring devices.

Elfi-Tech’s in-depth knowledge of non-invasive measurement enabled it to develop innovative algorithms that cancel out signal distractions.

One of the major advantages of the Elfi mDLS™ is its ability to provide a robust physiological signal almost at any location of the body.

The mDLS signal has very low power consumption and minimal sensitivity to environmental interference.

Advanced Algorithms

The breakthrough Elfi mDLS™ sensor is combined with advanced algorithms to interpret data and provide accurate monitoring of physiological parameters. Our strong team of mathematicians and software developers have developed extensive IP based on the raw signals gathered by the Elfi mDLS™ sensor. It is due to this combination of hardware and software that Elfi-Tech has built its unique sensing platforms for the consumer and medical world.



Elfi-Tech’s innovative technology can be integrated into automotive steering wheels to improve safety. Fatigue: By analyzing heart rate variability, Elfi-Tech’s solution can detect a drivers fatigue and drowsiness. This measurement can prevent drivers from falling asleep on the wheel; driver’s distraction is the second most common cause for road accidents. Black box: Elfi-Tech’s technology makes it possible to store, send or display the driver’s physiological data. This data can eventually be used to diagnose and prevent medical emergencies such as heart attacks. Smart Dashboard: Concepts for future car models all include some type of multi-functional software platform that will show details on the weather, car status and navigation. Elfi-Tech aims to add safety features by measuring the physiological status of the driver and providing early detection of health risks.

Wellness & Fitness

Elfi-Tech’s innovative technology enables health-conscious individuals to monitor their fitness levels in an accurate and convenient way. Elfi-Tech is working with some of the biggest players to integrate it’s sensing platform into smartphones, watches, headbands and even earphones. Elfi-Tech has designed a wearable wrist-worn device that enables individuals to make a self-assessment of their cardio-vascular state. Multiple parameters will be presented as measures of fitness grade and wellness conditions, so users will be able to manage their lifestyle, exercise and diet in the most efficient way. Elfi-Tech’s device transforms these parameters into unique fitness and wellness assessment indices. These indices are transmitted to smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices for further graphical, historical and cloud analysis applications.

Patient Monitoring

Elfi-Tech has developed a platform focused on advanced methods of patient monitoring. By adapting its innovative mDLS sensor and fusing it with existing technologies, Elfi-Tech manages to extract exciting new parameters. These parameters give medical professionals more insight into the state of the patient. Elfi-Tech's innovative technology will also enable remote monitoring of outpatients comfortably and inexpensively. Remote monitoring of patients enables more freedom for the patient, while ensuring peace of mind that their health status remains monitored by the proper physician. Using the mDLS technology, we can directly assess the following information relevant to patient monitoring:
  • Pulse wave signal
  • Pulse rate
  • Local blood flow velocity (V, relative)
  • Peripheral arterial blood flow velocity
  • Local blood perfusion (Pn)
  • Local arterial blood volume
  • Response of endothelial vascular cells
  • Index of coagulativety
  • Traube-Mayer wave.


Elfi-Tech is also able to analyze, detect and diagnose different conditions using the encrypted data from the Elfi mDLS™ sensor in faster and more practical ways than those currently available.

Some of these diagnostic areas include:

  • Heart Disease Diagnostics
  • ECG Arrhythmia + Cardiac Response
  • Diabetic Foot and Wounds Assessment
  • Local Blood Flow Measurement (mDLS)
  • Endothelial Functioning / Coagulation
  • Sleep Hypoglycemia Events
  • Allergy testing
  • mDLS Imaging – Melanoma cancer screening
  • Implantable Sensors – Internal Cardiovascular System Diagnostics.

Non-Invasive Blood Coagulation Measurement

Non-Invasive Blood  Coagulation Measurement

Elfi-Tech's mDLS platform is able to non-invasively measure changes in the rheological characteristics of blood in vivo, therefore assessing coagulation status in patients receiving any form of anticoagulation therapy.

The Elfi-Tech blood coagulation monitor will become the standard for monitoring patients on blood thinning medication, offering superior advantages that allow for more accurate dosing management of blood thinning medication. The monitor will be able to provide:

  • A real assessment of the coagulation status inside the human body (a global hemostatic assay)
  • A unique solution for the in-home and point-of-care anti-platelet therapy monitoring
  • Significant cost-savings to the health care system
  • Increased ease-of-use for in-home monitoring resulting in the increased compliance with blood thinning therapy
  • Unlimited frequency of tests without added cost.

Recently a strong need in anticoagulation therapy monitoring was recognized by Medicare in the US, issuing coverage for in-home monitoring for a large number of indications (~2.5 million of patients in the US alone) creating a multi-billion dollar market opportunity.


Our innovative mDLS-based system is able to non-invasively monitor and identify a variety of physiological phenomena.

The basic monitored parameters include:
  • Pulse rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Blood flow
  • Relative cardiac output
  • Blood pressure
  • Meyer waves
  • Rheological characteristics of blood.
Using these parameters, the following diagnostic applications can be addressed:
  • Arrhythmia detection
  • Shock/sepsis
  • Coagulation status
  • Monitoring endothelial function
  • Vascular health.
The sensing platform can therefore be applied for:
  • Smart Phone Integration
  • Patient monitoring
  • Diagnostics
  • Wellness & fitness assessment
  • Baby monitoring
  • Automotive safety
  • Elderly monitoring
  • Health monitoring in dangerous environments (e.g. firemen, military)
  • Ambulatory care.
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