We use non-invasive laser-technology to measure key hemodynamic parameters and indices using our proprietary processing algorithms. The company has developed a miniature sensor called mDLS. It is utilizing the Dynamic Light Scattering phenomena for the measurement of red blood cells motion.



Our technology, to your advantage:

Our sensor’s unique characteristics, in design and signal processing, enable the development of new products and applications to continuously monitor your health and wellness. For example:

  • Our sensors can be applied in many body placements such as in the ear, forehead, wrist, finger and more. Our sensors are small enough to fit in your glasses, on your wristwatch or even attach to your mobile phone.
  • Contrary to many other monitors, our sensors remain effective even without touch (up to 10mm)
  • Miniaturized and wearable
  • Our sensors retain robust signals even in changes to ambient light and is not effected by skin pigmentation
  • Connection to the mobile health ecosystem
  • We can generate a wide range of parameters enabling multiple applications in fields ranging from sports and wellness, through health and safety applications to hospital and home-care and even to various military helmet-based applications.


Examples of some use-cases:

  • Measuring micro-blood circulation on the skin for applications such as:
    • Plastic surgery
    • Patient monitoring and early detection of sepsis
    • Coagulation
  • Cardio vascular monitoring, such as:
    • Measurement of blood pressure on a finger without the use of a bulky arm-cuff
    • Monitoring of patients undergoing rehabilitation after heart attacks
  • Viewing the Central Nervous system, and enabling the monitoring and identification of:
    • Objective measurement of pain
    • Objective monitoring of stress and relaxation