Elfi-Tech is developing, manufacturing & marketing imaging devices for Real Time microvasculature blood flow visualization and physiological parameters measurements in a variety of scientific and medical applications including pharmaceutical development of anti-cancer drugs. Elfi-Tech uses the proprietary Circulation Pattern Recovery™ algorithm -a striking example of the successful integration of photonics and computational techniques.
To date, the technology has been used predominantly to facilitate research in areas such as oncology, neurobiology and cardiovascular diseases. The company just successfully completed β-site testing.  No regulatory requirements are needed to implement this system.


  • Atherosclerosis research
  • Spatial blood velocity distribution
  • Endothelial shear stresses Brain research
  • Cortical Perfusion
  • Stroke Angiogenesis
  • Tumor perfusion and vasculature growth
  • Retinal Angiogenesis Pharmacological research
  • Drug delivery
  • Effects of drug on tissue microcirculation
  • Drag toxicity
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