Elfi-Tech has developed advanced algorithms to interpret data and provide accurate monitoring of physiological parameters.

Our dedicated team of mathematicians, biomedical and software engineers have developed extensive algorithms based on the raw signals gathered by common PPG sensors and Elfi-Tech’s propriatery mDLS sensor. It is due to this combination of hardware and software expertise that Elfi-Tech has built its unique sensing platforms for the consumer and medical world.

Elfi-Tech produced varies form factors, based on its mDLS proprietary sensor, for the monitoring and development of unique applications and devices


The Elfi-Head is a bio-sensing forehead device which was developed for the US SOCOM (H92222-15-C-0074), to monitor a set of unique vital signs during training. The Elfi-Head has a pulse-oximeter sensor for SPO2 and HR, Elfi-Tech's mDLS sensor for its advanced hemodynamic parameters, in addition to motion sensors that can measure the user's activities.


The Data-Logger is a unique mDLS-based device that allows to log data, continuously for up to 12 hours. So far, Elfi-Tech used the Data-Logger for analysis of a number of applications - from driver monitoring, to daily monitoring and sleep monitoring, in addition to medical applications.


Elfor-2 is a unique device, based on mDLS sensor, capable of measuring a number of vital signs, from blood pressure, HR, HRV, blood flow, respiration, hemodynamic indexes and coagulation (with a similar finger modality). With this technology, Elfi-Tech is capable to maximize the monitoring possibilities, making mDLS an ideal platform for patient monitoring, home monitoring, telehealth, and "on-demand" measurements of vital signs.

Software Solutions

Elfi-Tech is able to provide software solutions for:
  • Continuous Heart Rate Monitoring (motion cancellation)
  • Stress Measurement Using mDLS' Unique Hemodynamic Parameters
  • Robust Sleep Monitoring
  • Fitness Monitoring Based on mDLS' Cardio Vascular Parameters
  • Finger-Root Blood Pressure Monitoring & Vital Signs Measurements
  • SPO2
  • Standard R/IR Sensors for Mobile Applications
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