Remote monitoring of your health, at the tip of your finger

Elfi-Tech has developed a remote monitoring health station device, small, easy to use, multi-parametric, for home use and isolation situation, providing accurate cardiovascular parameters to the patients and to the health-care providers and organizations. The device records absolute blood pressure at the finger root, HR, SpO2, ECG, HRV and blood flow related parameters.

The health station device is an efficient solution in preventing virus exposure to the medical staff by reducing the need for proximity to contaminated (or suspected to be) patients. It will deliver screening capabilities and a disease management tool, critically important for high risk population: hypertension, cardiovascular and COPD patients.


Elfi-Tech develops remote non-invasive medical device technology including a proprietary laser-based sensing platform that enables users to “see” blood as it flows in the body, online. The company has developed a miniature sensor called mDLS. It is utilizing the Dynamic Light Scattering phenomena for the measurement of red blood cells motion.


The company’s technology combines accessible, easy-to-use sensors with actionable medical-grade data to support medical, digital health, and IoT applications. It is currently focusing on several platform expansions including cloud analytics and digital health.


Our vision: to enable easy access to NONINVASIVE ,accurate, actionable and affordable remote monitoring of health data that is always online