Accurate. Versatile. Miniaturized.
Elfi-Tech has developed innovative sensing technology since 2006 and is proud to present its robust solutions for non-invasive measurements of physiological and blood parameters.

PPG Solution

Wearable Sensing Technology

Software Algorithms & Hardware Solutions for PPG Sensors
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Cardiovascular Health & Fitness

Elfi-Tech's Proprietary mDLS™ Sensor
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Real Time Imaging of Blood Flow
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Our first publicly announced sensor module developed in partnership

with Samsung’s digital health program

Elfi-Tech collaborated with Samsung Electronics to develop this sensor module to be integrated into the Simband platform. Simband is Samsung’s wearable open platform for digital health apps. The Elfi-Tech Module measures skin blood flow, blood velocity, coagulation, vascular health and fitness assessment applications in addition to standard heart rate and motion parameters